Anniversary 1973-2023

In 2023, the Danish jewellery brand Monies celebrates its 50-year anniversary.

Over five decades, founders Gerda and Nikolai Monies, have built a brand that is now known and admired for its bold and extravagant designs. The two were only young adults when they met at design school - Nikolai and Gerda's coming 70th and 75th birthday celebration bears witness to this - and their mutual love and passion for materials and design has kept them together ever since.

For the past five years, their oldest son Karl Monies has been increasingly involved in the design process as he took over the role as Creative Director of Monies. With a background in fine arts, Karl brings a new and innovative expression to the brand, whilst upholding the DNA and traditions of Monies.

And so the story continues with the next generation. If asking Karl and CEO, Sara Warming, these 50 years are just the first of many more to come. The ambitions for the brand are as big and bold as the jewellery itself - there are markets to conquer, sustainable solutions to explore and a strong desire to continue the journey that Gerda and Nikolai set out on 50 years ago.

“I am honoured to be working alongside Karl. Watching him become second-generation Creative Director in the company that Nikolai and I founded together 50 years ago is incredible. Karl has already made his clear mark and with his strong design thinking, he will undoubtedly continue to do so,” says Gerda.

“My parents never speculated in fashion forecasts and passing consumer trends; they stayed true to their own aesthetics and originality. I have new concepts and ideas to manifest, but always with the utmost respect for Monies’ history and DNA”, Karl finishes.

2023 was a milestone for monies. A jubilee of five decades asks for reflection. Previous muses ruminate. Dreams sink in and resurface.