Each piece of monies jewellery carries its own story, and the energy that goes into creating a piece is enormous. From the very creation and growth of the raw material, to the moment it is found and brought to our workshop, where the design process unfolds with great contemplation, admiration and respect for each material.

We procure, design and assemble each piece individually precious stones, horn, wood and many other natural wonders.

A necklace might contain a 12 million year old geode from South America, a 40 million year old piece of Eastern European amber. A prehistoric shark tooth or a 100.000-year-old mammoth tusk. These carefully chosen materials incites our awe and attention.

It’s their innate beauty that is accentuated through the strong jewellery while still keeping an original untouched quality

Our jewelry asks for humbleness and returns with perspective.

Perspective you only gain by accepting that we only borrow the materials for a while

We come and go, but they remain, as they have since the beginning of our time.

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Size guide

Inside measurement from lock to clasp.

Multi-strand necklaces measurement: The shortest inside strand

38 15
40 15.7
42 16.5
45 17.7
50 19.7
60 23.6
65 25.6
70 27.6
75 29.5
80 31.5
90 35.4

One size leather fit: This size will fit most within size EU: 52-60 / US: 6-9

48mm 48 4.5
50mm 50 5
52mm 52 6
54mm 54 7
56mm 56 7.5
58mm 58 8.5
60mm 60 9
62mm 62 10

Monies jewellery is made from natural materials and should be handled with care. Please follow our care and maintenance guide to make your Monies items last a lifetime. 


Keep your jewellery from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity*. 

Ideally, store your Monies jewellery in separate pouch bags.

*If you live in a very humid environment, place a small packet of desiccant crystals where you store your jewellery. 


Avoid spraying perfumes and applying creams or any other liquids directly onto your jewellery, as this will stain and will dissolve goldfoil and silicon pads on earclips.

Remove your jewellery when you bath, swim or intensely exercise. 

Wear your pearls and opals regularly to maintain their natural glow. 


Gemstones, pearls, goldfoil and amber should only be cleaned gently with a soft damp cloth/brush. Avoid harsh chemicals, hot water and cleaners at all times. 

Apply a drop of lotion and gently wipe with a soft cloth to give your horn, leather and wood a fresh shine. The lotion must be free of alcohol and parabens/perfume. 


Goldfoiled jewellery that is in direct contact with skin may fade over time. However, it will only add a nice patina to your look.

Bone jewellery can over time absorb oils and creams from your skin. As a result it will turn a soft honey gold colour. This is normal and one of the beauties of the natural material. 

Silver will oxidize and get a darker look if not regularly polished. 


Elastics, cord and clips will become looser after years of regular use. Both can be tightened or alternatively replaced with new ones.


When you buy a product on www.monies.com, you have a two-year right to file a complaint counting from the delivery date. 

This means that for up to two years after you have received the product, you may have the product repaired, exchanged or you may have a refund or a reduction of the purchase price if the product is defect and depending on the situation at hand. 

The right to complain does not cover damage to the product caused by accidents, use of the product in an unintentional manner, incorrect use or abuse or other tortious conduct. If you find that your order is defect, you must file a complaint by e-mail to info@monies.com within a reasonable time.

When we have received your complaint, we will send you a return label in order for you to return the product to us free of charge. When you return the product, please fill out and enclose the forwarded complaint form.

Always ensure to have the enclosed postal receipt stamped and signed at the post office when you hand in the package. This is your proof that the package has been returned to Monies. 


All items purchased from Monies come with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase.

All maintenance and repairs are performed by our skilled workshop in Copenhagen.

One of a kind jewellery repair:

We offer eternal free repair on all our one of a kind pieces. All one of a kind pieces are registered with a unique style number.


Find the unique style no. on the certificate of authenticity or receipt of purchase. 

Collection jewellery repair:

After the two-year warranty we still offer to repair Monies pieces, however, there will be a repair and shipping fee covered by the customer.

We do not accept repairs without prior approval by email with photo and description of your repair request. 

Should you be in need of our Maintenance & Repair service please contact us at info@monies.com attn. Repairs.

Remember to attach when contacting us about a repair:

  • Your receipt of purchase (packing slip) or note your order no.
  • Photo and description of your repair(s).
  • Return shipping address + phone no. 

If you purchased your Monies piece from one of our stockiest, please reach out to them directly.