Story of Monies

Story of Monies

Founded in Denmark in 1973, Monies has built a five decade-long legacy by integrating raw, unmanipulated materials into designs that blur the line between jewellery and art. Monies is bold and extravagant, pushing the boundaries of conventional jewellery.

Karl Monies, the creative director channels his unique perspective and profound
respect for the natural world into Monies' AW/SS collections and one-of-a-kind

At our studio in Copenhagen, we transform natural materials into one-of-a-kind
pieces that stand the test of time. We have a flagship store in Paris at the Palais Royal and a boutique in Milan. Additionally, Monies jewellery is available through stockists around the world.

Our collections are divided into three distinct categories:

AW/SS biannual collections showcase a timeless evolution of our designs in wood, stone and Green Cast®, and colourful metallic foils.

One-of-a-kind jewellery are unique, crafted pieces from the rarest materials to create truly singular expressions of art.

The semi-precious line of jewellery, called Mint, offers a curated selection of pieces with the signature Monies aesthetic, using carefully chosen semi-precious stones and pearls.