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Anniversary earclips: oak, sterling silver

Anniversary earclips: oak, sterling silver

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Material: oak, sterling silver 
Feature: earclips in sterling silver 925
Length: 8.5 CM

For our anniversary line we have coupled silver and oak into a series of jewelry that express the cardinal monies style. Since the beginning, we have had a love affair with the noble metal that represents sophisticated success and timelessness. Combined with the majestic oak symbolizing longevity, strength and stability it seemed a soothing choice celebrating our 50th.

The collection comes in two limited editions differentiated by the age and life of the oak. There’s the recently sourced, light and youthful oak. And then the dark and aged bog oak that died long before modern civilization and has been darkened by the soil that it’s been preserved in since it fell more than 4000 years ago.


Weight: 40 g

Style no.: M50-07

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